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VR T class (1st ser.) by BRM

Updated: May 25

Items used:

ESU LokSound 5 DCC 21-MTC decoder

Premium DCCSound speaker for BRM T class


  1. Remove coupler chain pin from coupler box on both ends of model

  2. Remove 4 body mount screws and coupler assemblies from underside of chassis

  3. Wiggle body vertically off chassis

  4. Remove 21-pin DC socket from motherboard

  5. Next make a modification to the chassis to allow fitment of the speaker.

3 cut lines marked on chassis:

  1. Vertical cut on RHS

  2. Horizontal cut near cut # 1

  3. Small vertical cut underneath wires. This should be done about 1mm away from the small screw hole that locates the motherboard. The screw hole must be retained on the chassis. There should be about 18.5 mm between the two vertical cuts.

Next, place some Kapton tape over the motherboard (on the decoder side). This is good practice to prevent any possible short between the Auscision motherboard and the decoder.

Then place the speaker into position, screw the motherboard to the chassis with the small screw and then plug the decoder in.

Test operation, check no wires are in the way of the driveshaft or body as it is refitted, then reassemble the body back on to chassis along with body screws and couplers.


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