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VR T class by Powerline

3rd production run with 21 pin plug and speaker (c. 2020)

Items used:

ESU 58429 LokSound 5 DCC 21-MTC decoder with DCCSound 2nd series T class sound project

DCCSound Premium Speaker for Powerline T class (21 pin)

The model is disassembled by removing the couplers and 4 screws from the underside of the chassis.

The body lifts off from the chassis and care should be used so as not to damage the tight pipes.

Next, the 16x35mm cone style speaker (driver and enclosure) is removed, being unplugged from the motherboard.

The 21 pin DC socket board is also removed.

Next, solder the two speaker wires to the decoder.

The decoder is then plugged in and the speaker positioned, sitting underneath the motherboard and up against the long hood lighting structure.

A piece of tape is applied to hold the speaker and lighting wires in position.

Following testing on a DCC section of track, the body is then refitted onto the chassis.

1st production run (c. 2008)

The Powerline model comes with an Atlas style decoder layout. The Powerline decoder and twin capacitors (where fitted) need to be removed to make way for a hard-wired ESU LokSound micro decoder (pictured below).

The red decoder wire goes to the RHS pickups of the model (pictured on the top side of the photo), the black decoder wire goes to the LHS pickups  (pictured on the lower side of the photo). The orange decoder wire goes to the red motor wire, the grey decoder wire goes to the black motor wire. The lighting works such that the headlight and white markers at the short hood end and the red markers at the long hood end are powered in the forward direction. The reverse occurs with the long hood leading. To house a 16x25 mm speaker in the model, the end of the top motor clamp plate is removed. Then 0.5 mm styrene sheet is used to separate the front of the speaker from the back, which enables louder, richer sound.

1st production run wiring:

2nd production run (note different wiring colour coding used by the factory):

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michael Dodd
michael Dodd
Aug 28, 2022

Very informative, thank you for the post

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