VLP Vlocity by Southern Rail Models

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

Update August 2020: Please note we no longer offer sale of LokSound decoders for self-install in the SRM Vlocity. We can offer an installation service however. The reason is we prefer to check the speaker compatibility that comes in the model due to a small number of issues encountered with this model.

Installation: The model comes with a round speaker installed in the belly of the model, so all that needs to be done is to slip the body off the chassis and plug the decoder in.

To remove the body, splay out the body and lift off from the chassis. Remove the 21 pin dummy/DC jumper board and install the ESU LokSound 21-MTC decoder as shown below.

Ensure the 21 pin black header (or yellow "4" on decoder) is facing UP! If it faces down the decoder will short circuit and fail and this mode of failure is not covered by ESU's warranty.