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TGR X class by Skilled fabricator

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

The DC only TGR X class model was sent in by a customer for upgrade to DCC and sound. The sound project loaded to this decoder features an English Electric 6-SRKT prime mover. The body and chassis are made of urethane, and a Steam Era Models Black Beetle powers the model, with 8 wheel pickup.

Parts fitted:

ESU 58820 LokSound V5 Micro DCC decoder

ESU 54670 Power Pack mini

DCCSound custom twin speakers

Custom speakers were designed and produced for this model. The first speaker sits in the cab, and is not visible as it sits under the window line. The second speaker sits in the hood section, about half way back.

The SEM Black Beetle was converted from DC to DCC. This was accomplished by separating the motor wires from the pickup wires.

An ESU Powerpack Mini was hardwired to the decoder, as the model did not run very smoothly without it. Now, the model has up to 5 seconds of uninterrupted power storage.


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