Y class by Austrains

Updated: Aug 31

Plug-in decoder

The Y class requires a LokSound decoder and appropriate speaker. In the installation below, the decoder wires have been soldered to the 8 pin socket of the Austrains light board. As the Y comes with marker lights, the DC light board should be retained by those not overly confident with electronics. Otherwise the DC board can be discarded and the decoder hardwired. The long hood headlight should be soldered to the DC board for a more reliable electrical connection. The Austrains chassis provides a sound tunnel and the body acts as an enclosure, so as long as the speaker is sealed to the top of the chassis, good sound will result.


1) Wriggle body off chassis after removing coupler assemblies and moving handrails out of the way of the exiting chassis.

2) Remove headlight mount from atop speaker tunnel

3) Superglue the complete perimeter of the 16x25 mm speaker to the chassis, positioning the speaker over the sound tunnel in the chassis

4) Plug the decoder in to the 8 pin plug, trim the two brown speaker wires to length and solder them to the speaker solder tabs

5) Trim the cab headlight mount as shown, flip it over and bond it to the ceiling of the cab with KwikGrip or CA type glue.

6) Affix the long hood headlight to the DC board, noting the correct polarity

7) Fit the LED to the cab ceiling - tweezers may be required as the body needs to be partially installed as the wire length to the LED is quite short

8) Refit body and move handrails back in place after testing decoder function

Hardwired decoder

1) ESU LokSound 5 (58420) 8 pin decoder hardwired in the following example. Advantages are individual control of lighting and enhanced sound volume as well as quality.

2) Stay alive circuit added where speaker would normally reside

3) Twin 13x18mm sugarcube speakers and custom 3D printed sound enclosure added.

4) 6 function outputs: Headlight, white and red markers at each end.

5) Custom 16 bit sound project with sounds recorded from Y164.


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