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VR Y class (D/E) by Austrains

Updated: May 29, 2022

The simplest route is to fit an 8 pin decoder in conjunction with the Austrains motherboard. This obviates the need to hardwire, but forfeits the opportunity to separate the marker lights from the headlights.

Plug-in decoder method

The Y class requires an ESU LokSound 5 Micro decoder and DCCSound Y class speaker (8 pin).

The model is first disassembled in order to fit the decoder and speaker. The couplers are removed but the coupler screws reinstalled. The coupler screwheads are then held with pliers as the body is lifted from the chassis.

But first, the handrails are moved out of the way of the chassis. Gently pull on the body, with the cab end often coming off the chassis before the long hood end.

The 8 pin DC plug is removed, along with the headlight/speaker mount. The DCCSound speaker includes a mount for the headlight. The speaker is then placed on the chassis. The decoder is plugged in and the two brown speakers wired soldered to the speaker.

Kapton tape is then used to secure the speaker and wires in place.

Hardwired decoder

In the example below, the customer wanted independent control of marker lights from the headlight. Removal of the Austrains motherboard enabled more room for a larger speaker, so in this case a DCCSound Premium speaker with twin 13x18mm drivers was fitted.

Resistors were added to the lighting function outputs to protect the SMLEDs and 3mm LEDs.


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